Nexus Consulting LLC was established to be a company that offers more than your typical HVAC controls.

We have a combined over 30 years’ experience installing and servicing a wide variety of building management systems in both the public and private sector. This experience has led us to a conclusion. In order to maximize the full potential of the customers investment, we must make the customers budget and total plan our top priority. Reviewing top concerns and overall expectations before each project allows us to meet the individual needs of our customers. Nexus offers a multi-faceted approach with the capability to coalesce energy consumption, building analytics, HVAC controls, and future planning into one single platform. 

Benjamin Cenedella | Joshua Sprague

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Feel Safe with Nexus Consultants Advocating for You

• Reduce energy costs
• Increase occupant comfort
• Reduce O&M costs
• Extend equipment life

• Improve indoor air quality
• Optimize efficiency of your facility
• Keep steps ahead of nuisance HVAC service calls

Our priority is to help facilities operate their HVAC equipment and building management systems at their full potential to improve and optimize building performance. We advocate for the customer during retrofits, upgrades, and large repairs to HVAC and building systems. Nexus also does HVAC and system repairs if you’re currently without a trusted mechanical contractor. 

VFD Maintenance Program
Fire & Smoke Damper Service