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Nexus Consulting is more than your typical building automation company.  We work alongside you to meet your goals; examining a building as a complete envelope.  Whether it’s installing a building management system, establishing renewable energy solutions, creating reserve studies or revealing hidden energy consumption, Nexus has your facilities best interest in mind. 

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Building Management Systems

Having the ability to see into your buildings mechanical systems is the first step in managing your energy usage. Building management systems are practically endless when it comes to devices that they can communicate with and control.  Schedule the on/off times of your equipment, load shed during peak usage, make set point adjustments, trouble shoot using historical trend data and much more, all from a graphical interface while sitting in the comfort of your home. 

Nexus Consulting offers KMC controls as our secure and non-proprietary system for building automation solutions. KMC Controls are made in America and offer top quality free programmable controllers that allows the sky to be the limit when it comes to custom programming. Creating smart buildings utilizing KMCs vast technology allows Nexus Consulting to offer building automation, building analytics, and IoT platforms capable of monitoring facilities IAQ and energy consumption.

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Renewable Energy Consulting

Nexus Consulting is proud partners with Hampshire Power, a local benefit corporation. Nexus Consulting and Hampshire power work together to ensure our clients build transparent, interconnected, monitored, and fully monetized energy systems. Hampshire Power takes the time to review our customers’ energy usage data and finds opportunities to save money. Whether it be allocating alternative energy credits, or finding ways to add revenue via energy creation, Hampshire Power has our client’s best interest. Together, we ensure facilities managers, building operators, and business owners, are able to take advantage of clean renewable energy while operating facilities and campuses at optimum efficiency for as little as possible. Please reach out for more information and to discuss how you can take advantage of renewable energy.

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